Monday, May 12, 2008

Some videos of the kids

Here is a quick video of Riley practing telling everyone where we will be moving too.

This next one she has a little bit more energy, but starts to get distracted when Carter begins to slip out of her lap. You may not be able to hear her say this but she starts to get worried and says,"It's slidding."( It = Carter)

Lastly, Riley loves to try and spell things. Here she is practing her favorite word.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The allure of cookies

The smell of chocholate cookies was just too much of a temptation for our little buggy. I had baked a batch and had placed them on the counter to cool when Riley came runing in asking for a cookie. Well, let me restate that, she was actually demanding one. She told me that she "needed" the cookie. Lately she has decided to use the word "need" instead of "want or I would like". It makes me laugh to think that someone would "need" a cookie. Anyway, I told her she would have to wait unitl after dinner when the cookies have cooled. She stomped around a little bit and than found something else to occupy herself. A few mintues later, Carter needed his diaper changed. So I headed upstairs, changed him and by the time I came back down, Riley had moved a kitchen chair to the counter and was proceeding to finish her second cookie. I was a little mad, but amazed at how her desire for this cookie lead her to figure out a way to reach the top of the counter. Being a softy for her cute smile, I had to pull out the camera to capture her disobedience. God sends us these kids with these adorable smiles that make it so hard to be a stern parent. What do you do...I guess just love them.


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Goodbye to Illionis


Finally, this journey in the mid west is almost over. We will be heading to Georgia mid June and can't wait to go. Greg will be relocating with the company Caterpillar to a town called Griffin. We have heard it is a smaller town with most shopping about 20 minutes away. That sounds great to us, last year any real shopping (unless you count Wal-Mart) was 45-1hr 20 minutes away. We have been looking forward to this move, or any move, since we arrived in Illinois. In a few weeks we will go on a getting-to-know-you trip to Georgia to find a place to rent. It will only be Greg and I. Over this past year we felt like we have missed out in building our friendship. He is my best friend, but I hardly see him. He works so much. One of his longest work days was this last Monday. He got up at 7:30 to head to school until 10:00 am, came home, helped with the kids, took a short nap, got up, ate and took off for work at 2:00 pm, came home at 5:00am slept for an hour and than had to be back at work by 7:00 am. He was there for an hour, came home and slept for another hour and than had to be back at work at 11:00am. Truly that is a hard working man. He is amazing, but like I said, we need some time together. Hopefully we will find a place quickly so we can just relax. Our last move here to Illinois was a huge headache. We lived in Motel 6 with our dog for a month. And yes, at one point a tornado was heading our way. I thought I was going to die in the Motel 6's nasty bathroom. Greg, Riley and I could barely squeeze into it(mainly because I was huge with child)and our poor dog was outside the door. His whimper was mixed with the horrific siren screaming our impeding doom. Hopefully that experience will never be repeated. Anyway, Riley and Carter will stay at home with Nana(my mom). I can't thank my mom enough for flying out to help us. She is seriously the coolest woman I have every met. I don't know how I got so lucky that she happened to be my mom, but I thank the Lord almost every night for the family that I was raised in ( and of course the family that I have)!