Monday, July 21, 2008

It has been way too long!

Really I cant believe it has taken me this long to post. I have been busy, but I need to be better than this. Well, we are now living in Locust Grove, GA. So far it has been a great move. This will be our third move in 3 years. Moving has been somewhat exciting and adventurous,but I am really getting hungry for some stability and I would love to own a home again. This renting thing just bites. It is hard to make a place your own if you know you may be moving within a year and your hands are tied as far as painting and such. Really living with white walls after two years just gets to me. Luckily this year we found a rental with some color. Actually every wall is painted in nice neutral tones. Our neighbors are really nice, but I think you can expect that in the South and we love our subdivision. It is just beautiful with great amenities. Check out the pool. The bigger pool is heated(to a perfect temp every time I have been there) six-lane Jr. Olympic-sized pool, there are 2 water slides, and they have splash pool for the kids with brightly colored umbrellas that spray water.

We walk there at least 3 times a week. We can take tree lined sidewalks there or we can cut through some hiking trails to get there. It is about 1 mile, so I am finally getting some much needed exercise. Having Carter has totally changed my body and exercising habits or lack of. I am closer to my pre prego weight, but my body just looks different and this not one of those good differences. Men just don't realize what us women go through, and frankly either did I. ( Thanks mom, you sacrificed much for our family)

We have now been here since mid July and it took about 1 month to really unpack and get things organized the way they should be.I am planning on getting rid of a bunch of stuff before we move again to hopefully cut my time down in unpacking. Before we moved out to GA, Greg and I flew out there to secure a place to live. During that week long trip, we had tons of fun without the wee ones. My mom came out to babysit. Again thanks mom. Here is what we did during that time.

In May, Greg and I flew up to Ga to find a place to live for this next year. Here are some fun things we did

River rafting in Chattagoo river

Here we are at the Atlanta Aquarium. This is one of the largest indoor aquarium in the US. I believe this is one of the only ones that has live whale sharks.

This is the huge aquarium that 2 Whale sharks live

Check out how thick the walls are!

Next we took the CNN tour. That was fun. The building was huge. It was still under construction from the damage it sustained from a tornado, but everything was open.

This is a picture of another building that was hit by the torndao. The windows that are black were blown out. There were around 6 big buildings that we could see from the central park in Atlanta that had tons of windows blown out.

Here we are hanging out in the park watching everyone run through the water while a band played in the background.This made us miss our kids.

We than headed over to the Coke factory. This was great..a little history on Coke and lots of free sodas from around the world for tasting. I left a little sick and very wired. After that we at a restaurant name Lucky. That place was tasty. It was a total high tech restaurant as well. They had the coolest restroom I have ever seen. Cool lighting ( even the water stream out of the faucets had a glow)and TVs in the mirrors.Before leaving Atlanta we spent a day at Six Flags. It has been a while since I've been on a roller coaster, so I was so excited to be there and I didn't care that it was sweltering humid and everyone was sweating just standing in line. However, I was upset and a little worried mid day when all the rides were closed and everyone was told to seek shelter due to sever weather. Luckly, no tornadoes hit us and we were able to resume our fun 2 hours later.

After spending some time in Atlanta, we headed north to a town called Helen. There we went hiking in the Tlalluha Gorge that is filled with waterfalls, and a natural rock water slide.

Of course, more exciting than our trip is our children. So I thought I would just throw in a quick updated photo of them