Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sinus Surgery

Well, I just wanted to let those who knew and those who didn't know that recently I had sinus surgery. I found out last March that I had developed nasal polyps (yes, it does sound gross and it is). I could never see them because they were deep in my sinus, nevertheless they needed to go. They were only causing slight breathing problems, but basic medicine was not going to cure them and they were causing me to start having headaches and consistent stuffiness. So I put off the surgery until now, and everything went better than expected. What I had done was a complete right endoscopic frontal sinusotomy, right endoscopic ethmoidectomy and bilateral endoscopic maxillary antrostomy with tissue removal. Basically alot of technical words explaining that the sinus opening were enlarged, and polyps were taking out. I had been so nervous to have this done and I have heard numerous horror stories from people who have had it done. For those who are contemplating having this surgery, I say go for it. Recovery time flew by and everything is clear.I am so glad I did it.I was only down for about a day or so and really did not have much pain. My mom was a sweet heart and flew up to help out Instead of taking care of me, we just played around with the kids and hit up a few of my favorites here in GA such as the aquarium and Noah's Ark ( a small zoo).

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our Last Day in Chicago, IL (This was in June)


As you can tell I have been having blogging block and had not posted much since our move to GA. Before I move on to our life in GA, I thought I would just post some pictures of our last day in IL. We had a blast staying downtown and wondering around Navy Pier. I think Chicago would be a fun town to live in without kids, but hauling kids in a busy city just would not be for me. Oh and parking at the Hilton downtown was $50. Luckily, we found another garage a few blocks away for the low low cost of $35.


Carter and I walking along the lake.


A fun architectural boat tour. It was cool to cruise through the city and under some really unique bridges. A Funny thing about this tour is that it is close to one of the only thing Riley remembers about Chicago and it was only an hour. She will still talk about it like we did it last week!


A shot of Greg taken by our little photo bug, Riley


Sears Tower from boat

Riley's Marilyn Monroe pose.
We sat in the front row and Riley kept dancing and lifting her dress right next to the tour guide, so everybody got a bonus show on our tour.


Riley wanted to get closer to the kids playing in the fountain

Riley having a blast!

Cater having a blast!

The boys having fun.

Navy Pier at sunset.