Monday, January 26, 2009

LIfe is finally starting to settle down after the Holidays

As always, it has been a while since my last post. I had planned on posting as soon as we came home from visiting family in CA, but the night we came home we found out that our house we were renting was foreclosed two days earlier. Our landlord gave us no indication that this was even a possibility and even told us after the fact, that there is no way the house was auctioned off. Well,the past few weeks I have been trying to figure out when we had to be out of the house before a sheriff evicts us, and how do we cut our losses from this hassle. It has been such a pain and honestly, I feel like I waste so much of my time moving and unpacking.After this move, we will have moved 4 times in the last 3 years. I don't know how those involved with the military move as often as they do. I want to be done sooo bad. Yet, life is still evolving over here in GA and who knows where we will be 6 months from now.While spending my free time praying for a place we ended up getting a letter from a Realtor who represented the bank. She informed us that if we left the house in 14 days, the bank would offer us $2300 to help us with the move. Since we have now lost our deposit we did not want to loose this offer. So we searched and found a few places that could work out just right.We ended up moving in to a place across the street.They were willing to rent for 6 months and allowed us to have a dog. Their tenants moved mid contract and they needed someone in ASAP. We were glad to be the ones. We recruited some good men from our ward and were able to move most of our junk on a Saturday and than we have been working this past week on un-boxing and reorganizing. It was a pain and at first I was sad to leave the other place, but this place should work well for us. Before we moved we did ask the Realtor if she would ask the bank if we could stay and just pay rent to them, but they nixed that idea and told her to get us out. After we moved in, yet wasting another 3 weeks of my life packing and unpacking, we got a call from that same Realtor who is representing the bank,offering us $2,300 plus payment for all our moving expense and possibly a buy out of our new contract if we were willing to move back in. This has been a hassle and costly, but at this point we really didn't care what the bank offered to get us back in..we were done. I do wonder why they changed their mind. Unfortunately it was 13 days too late. Now besides our drama with our house we had a great vacation down in CA for Christmas and tons of fun in Washington D.C for thanksgiving.I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays too!