Friday, February 29, 2008

Every wonder about your credit?

Get a free credit report at You can do it once a year. Unfortunately if you want your credit score you have to pay $7.95. I just finished looking at mine and realized that I have an account at Target that I opened up in 2000 and never use. I am planning on closing that tomorrow. If anyone has any insight on the number of revolving accounts and how the effect your credit please let me know.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Carter's Blessing

Well, we finally blessed Carter. We had hopes do to it in California because of the large cluster of family. Unfortunately, Greg could never get enough time off of work to warrant spending the money to fly out there. We were given an adorable blessing outfit from my cousin Kelly and realized that if we don't bless our son soon, he will no longer fit into it. (Yeah, our boy is 4 1/2 months and he is 20lbs.) Despite not having tons of family and friends around to witness his blessing we were very blessed to have Carter’s Grandma and Grandpa Swisher make a 4 hour drive to come. Now that is some family love! We really just wanted some family to be there and could not thank them enough for coming. A baby blessing is such a special time for us, it means the world to share it with those that have a genuine connection to our lives. It was a beautiful blessing given to him by his dad. Greg was so cute, after the blessing he took some time and wrote down some of the feelings that he had about the blessing. I recorded these thoughts in a book for Carter. Hopefully he will refer to these special words often in the future.

A new perspective of life

Hey, here is a man who takes his adversity and turns it into a learning experience for us all. Check it out:

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Brag about your hubby!

What is his name: Gregory Michael Metzgar

How long did you date: It was a short time (11 months), but long enough to know that this was it!

Who eats more sweets: Well, for those who know us, you already know the answer. Just in case you don't, it is I (Joy). I would rather eat dessert than dinner anytime and sometimes I do. It is a shameful habit. Just shameful.....

Who said I love you first: I believe that would be Greg. I think I wanted to say it before, but would not dare. We were at his sister house out on a balcony when the magic words were spilled.

Who is taller: Greg is 6'3" and I am 5'10"

Who can sing better: Maybe Greg, but he doesn't know it yet. He has always been shy about singing and only until recently, have I heard his voice. With a little practice and the use of his strong(loud) volume when speaking he just may be amazing.

Who is smarter:I think we may be equally smart, but in different ways. His intelligence, especially in math, always amazes me

Who does the laundry: I do, but he is a helper. He almost always put his clothes in the laundry bag.

Who does the dishes: I generally empty the dishwasher and we both load it.

Who pays the bills: I guess technically he pays the bills. I just make sure the respective company receives the payment.

His guilty pleasure: Movies, movies and more movies. This boy just loves his movies. The nice thing about that is I am never short of an idea for a present. He also loves Karate. When every he gets a chance he will practice. I have caught him trying to teach Riley a few moves too.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: Greg.. it is strange, but no matter where we are at, that seems to be the arrangement

Who mows the lawn: Greg. Yet this is the first time we have actually had a lawn that needed to be mowed. I take that back, in Provo, I used our push mower a couple of times. Here in Illinois we have a large lawn and we use a gas mower. During the summer, I really wanted too, but Greg didn't want his pregnant wife out mowing the lawn. Maybe this summer I will give it a try

Besides you, who is his best friend: I think Greg has a lot of good friends. I don't think there is one in particular

Who cooks dinner: If he is home for dinner, which is rare, he will

Who is more stubborn: Definitely him. Yet, if you asked him, he would say me. So I guess we are equally yoked.

Who kissed who first: Greg was the brave one

Who asked who out first: Well, I guess I did. I mentioned that I was going running and that he was welcome to come along.(at that time he was running too)

What was your first date: Running along the shoreline trail in Provo. I don't know if I would suggest this as an ideal first date. He was in better shape than I, and of course I didn't want it to look that way, so I had to push myself. It is hard to have a conversation and look cute when you are all sweaty and out of breath

Who proposed: That would be Greg. He was so nervous he actually placed the ring on my finger before I had a chance to say yes. It was too cute

Who has more siblings me:- I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters. Greg has 2 sisters

Who wears the pants: It depends on the situation

What is your favorite thing about him: This is a tough one. There are so many things I love about him. I guess you could say his commitment to the gospel and our family. I admire him so much in this area and feel so blessed. We both try to live our lives as the lord would. We may never be perfect, but he is definitely perfect for me