Monday, December 1, 2008

Carter's and Riley's Birthdays

My babies are growing up too fast. At times I wish I could just freeze time and keep them tiny forever, but than I would miss out on so much. Carter turned the big ONE September 28th. He has been such a wonderful addition to our family. He is sweet, easy going and full of smiles. Lately he just loves to climb.....on everything. At first I was excited to see him move his little body upon things. Now I am a bit fearful of what his next big climb will be. He has mastered the table, changing table, desk, toilet, tub and it looks like it won't be long before he is out of his crib. He is very stealth and quick in his climbing which has lead us to some close calls. He is just all boy and a complete opposite of his sister.

Now this year we celebrated Riley's 3rd birthday. She is at the point where she realizes what a birthday is. Which added so much more to the celebration. Weeks leading up to her birthday were filled with questions about it, what will we do, will she get presents, can she blow out the candle, how old was she turning, etc. I loved it, no coaching on my part to get her excited this year. We ended up celebrating her birthday three times. Once with her Nana who came in town to help me out with a prior surgery, than we threw her a princess party and lastly on Nov.4th we celebrated it with the family. When it came to her actual birthday, Nov. 4th, she grew a little agitated and was asking me why we were singing to her because she already had her birthday. She is just so cute and silly. It is just amazing how time flies by as an adult, but as a child I felt like time moved oh so slowly.I am happy that she is growing, I just wish time moved slower. By the way, I just love being a mom.